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Kamehameha III – Kauikeouli’s Descendants Exists Including Others and Myself

January 13, 2014

Kamehameha III’s Descendants/Heirs Exists……….Including Myself, Amelia Gora et. als.

A Chronological History of Kalaniopuu’s, and Kamehameha’s Families With A Focus on Kamehameha III’s Descendants/Heirs
                                                                             by Amelia Gora (2013)
The following is a brief overview of our Alii Nui lines.
After reviewing the following, there are many of our ancestors who have ‘dropped through the cracks’, disregarded, ignored over time but have recently surfaced through documented genealogy research.
Although the following is not complete, it may be useful for our families to study each portion and realize that our families names are part of the fabric of Kalaniopuu and Kamehameha’s lines……..It appears that Kamehameha, Liholiho/Kamehameha II, and Kauikeouli/Kamehameha III appears to have many descendants after all.
(the entire article/thread posted here)
                        Kamehameha’s Descendants, His 17 Moopuna/Grandchildren
                                                                                                            Documented Today
Kamehameha I
                                                                          by Amelia Gora, one of Kamehameha’s descendants (2013)
The following are Kamehameha’s grandchildren found in research:
Children of son Pauli Kaoleioku/Kaoleioku:
1)  Pauahi – Ruth Keelikolani’s mother
2)  Konia – the true Bernice Pauahi’s mother
3)  Hanuna (k) – Kapule(k); Kini (w); Poohina (w); and Hookahe’s (w) father
4)  Keola (k) – research incomplete
Children of Kalanihelemaiiluna Paki:
5) Abner Paki
6) Kalaniulumoku
Children of Kanekapolei (w):
7) Kikau 
8) Kepilino
Children of Maulili:
9)  Kahue (w)
10) Pohihi (w)
Names found recently under the “moopuna” of Kamehameha:
11)  Keawe
12) Mahoe
13)  Kekipi
14)  Nalimu/Kailakanoa
15)  Kahalaoa
16)  Opunui
17)  Papa
Not listed:
Children of Kanakaole/Keliikanakaole (k) 
Children of Keliiokahekili (w)
There are 17 of Kamehameha’s grandchildren documented today.  Research remains incomplete.
The ramifications of finding/documenting the above is that Abercrombie, Governor Abercrombie, the Courts, the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Estates/Kamehameha Schools, OHA/Office of Hawaiian Affairs, Roll Commission, etc. should not be too eager is  claiming what is not theirs.
 The descendants/ heirs of all listed above are the true land owners, true Title owners of the Crown Lands, the Alii Nui lands, etc. and all are directed to sue the Title Companies, the Banks, the State of Hawaii, etc. to recoup monies paid to occupiers, etc.
The above are part of the Royal Families, and Royal Families are not subject to the laws.
The above are also protected by the Treaty of 1850, International Laws through the Minister of Foreign Relations/Acting Liaison of Foreign Affairs/Relations/Department as accorded in the Landais Case and the Flanchet Case(s) documented in the Supreme Court Law Books, Volumes I, and Volume II.
Treaties supersedes State laws, etc.  The Treaty of 1849 applies only to Kamehameha’s family(ies) including Kamehameha III’s families, and his descendants are part of the grandchildren listed above.  
The Treaty of 1849 locks in the U.S. Constitution of 1849 also.  30 States are locked in to the U.S. Constitution of 1849.
The non- annexed (No Treaty of Annexation) State of Hawaii, OHA/Office of Hawaiian Affairs,  Bernice Pauahi Bishop Estates Trustees/Kamehameha Schools, etc. are truly Not the land owners, not the Title owners in the Hawaiian Islands, the Hawaiian archipelago.
Cease and Desist.
Rents and Lease are due/overdue, etc.
The U.S. government needs to take back their Pirates under International laws.
This posting is made so that the whole world can see that the true land owners, the true Title owners, etc. are here, were here at the time of the wrongful dethronement of Queen Liliuokalani in 1893, and we are peoples of genocide activities by belligerent, aggressive occupiers who have done wrong to our people over time through genocide, rape of our environment, mucking up our lands, water, etc.
This posting documents the facts that we are surrounded by Pirates occupying our neutral, friendly, non-violent nation.  
The criminal occupation has affected our ancestors and our families over time and we continue to be surrounded by Pirates who have continued their lawless approach on a neutral nation whose gold, resources have been a gain to bankrupt nations namely the U.S., England supported by the J.P. Morgan bankers, the Bank of England, etc.
Rents and leases are due to the true land owners, the true Title owners who exists today, descendants of those who existed in 1884 (the death of Bernice Pauahi Bishop, etc.), etc.
No Rail.  No GMO’s. No Depleted Uranium, No weaponry in a neutral non violent nation, No mucking up of lands, waters, seas, waterways, etc.
All of the above are true, correct to the best of my research, best of my knowledge.
Amelia Gora, one of the many Kamehameha descendants, landowner, Title owner, etc.
Contact e-mail:
Contact address:  P.O. Box 861781, Wahiawa, Oahu, Hawaii  96786
What does this all mean?  It means that the Crown Lands Owners, Alii Families Title Owners/Land Owners/Private Property Owners, the Kamehameha descendants, including Kamehameha III’s – Kauikeouli’s descendants existed in 1849 and their descendants exists today.
It also means that the Treaty of 1849 with the U.S.A., which locks in the 1849 U.S. Constitution remains, it also means all treaties with other Nations continue as well.
It also means that the  Bernice Pauahi Bishop Estates/Kamehameha Schools Trustees, and the many other Trusts such as Queen Liliuokalani’s Trust, Queen Emma, King Lunalilo, etc.  are maintaining Racketeering entity, a Mafia, Conspiracy based criminal entity which pursues Pirates, Criminal deviance, Fraud, Identity Theft, Genocide activities in the Hawaiian Islands at the expense of our Royal Families, which is not O.K.  
Much research has been made over time by a long time researcher named Greg Wongham who did expose “Corruption in Hawaii” including information affecting Federal Judge Ezra which is covered in the article “

Judge Ezra ordered Greg Wongham to Remove His Website, Greg Wongham Died, and Judge Ezra is in an Undisclosed Location….What Have We Here?

This important communication is to inform everyone that the true Land Owners, Title Owners, the Crown Land owners and not the “ceded lands as wrongfully, criminally dubbed” by a concerted group of conspirators who did plan to dethrone Queen Liliuokalani in 1893 and were supported by U.S. President Benjamin Harrison, Congress, and conspiring Americans claiming to be Hawaiian subjects operating under the elected body of the Hawaiian Government called the House of Representatives.
The two permanent parts of the three (3) part Hawaiian Government, a Monarchy Government, is here legally:
1)  Sovereign – descendants/heirs also known as the heirs and successors.
2)  House of Nobles – descendants of the original members of the House of Nobles exists.
Because the 1849 Treaty with the U.S.A. existed then, the descendants of Kamehameha as well as the descendants of Kamehameha III – Kauikeouli exists now, the treaty(ies) supersedes State laws, which includes the facts that the Judges too must adhere to the Treaty(ies).
This communication is also being sent as a certified, return receipt requested mailing through the Postal Services which we also have a Treaty with.
All Communications /contact may be forwarded to my address and our Royal Families will be informed, others will be informed through phone calls, blogs, and through the IOLANI – The Royal Hawk news on the web.
                                                                                                        Amelia Gora
                                                                                                         P.O. Box 861781
                                                                                                          Wahiawa, Oahu, Hawaii  96786
                                                                               websites: and  



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