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Legal Notice January 13, 2014 – Public Announcement About Kamehameha III’s Descendants Existing

January 13, 2014
Amelia Gora <>
5:39 AM (1 minute ago)

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[Kanaka Maoli flag]

U.S. President Barack Obama
Congressmen and Congresswomen
Friendly Nations,
Interested Others
Greetings Everyone,
                        Re:  Hawaiian Kingdom/Ko Hawaii Pae Aina Record No. 2014-0113 Announcing Kamehameha III’s Descendants Exists through two (2) genealogy lines – from Amelia Gora, Royal Person, Acting Liaison of Foreign Affairs
This is an public announcement that I, Amelia Gora, am one of the descendants of Kauikeouli/Kamehameha III through intense genealogy research for more than 25 years.
It was our families research projects which included researching all the hidden lines, the families of our Royal Families, Alii, et. als. and many loyal to the Alii.
Research included the History, Genealogies, and Legal research.
The following is a recent article publicly posted:

 Updating Kauikeouli/Kamehameha III’s Families With Ongoing Issues Affecting the Hawaiian Islands, etc. Today


                                                           Review and Compilation 


                                                                                   by Amelia Gora (2014)


Am a descendant of Kauikeouli/Kamehameha III in two (2) lines.


Opunui’s mother was the hanai daughter of Queen Liliuokalani who was given the task of taking care of the Queen’s Trust.


Am a descendant of Kauikeouli/Kamehameha III’s hanai children – two of them.




The Land owners, the Land Title owners exists and I, Amelia Gora, am one of them.

*Kamehameha III’s descendants exists………..which means that the True Crown Land owners exists. 


*Kamehameha III’s descendants inherited the Royal person status, including sovereignty.


* Kamehameha III’s hanai/adopted children was known as “hanai hookama” also “inherited sovereignty as documented in a Probate with testimonies from Samuel Kamakau, historian and writer of the book RULING CHIEFS.

*  The Treaty of 1849 continues which locks in the contract between the Kamehameha’s and the U.S. President locking in the U.S. Constitution, Section VI, 


*  Opunui’s mother was designated the True Trustee of Queen Liliuokalani’s Trust, and Not the Bank of Hawaii.


*  Bernice Pauahi/Pauahi also married Keawe and became the hanai/adopted parents of Opunui.


* Keawe was married to Peke Davis before she married Antone Sylva/Akoni/Antonio Silva.


* David Keawe/Davis Keawe was Keawe’s and Peke Davis son.  Peke Davis daughter was Wahinekipi with George Humehume son of Kaumualii of Kauai.  Peke Davis had a son with Antone Sylva/Akoni/Antonio Silva/Antone Silva Mason  named George D. Sylva/Silva.


* Peke Davis left her two sons as her heirs, with her husband as caretaker.  Her last husband was left with a life interest.


* George D. Sylva died and he left no children and his father as heir.  David Keawe/Davis Sylva/David Silva married and had descendants.


*David Keawe/Davis Sylva/David Silva’s hanai brother (a true cousin) Opunui also married and had descendants.


*Both David Keawe/Davis Sylva/David Silva and Opunui are ancestors of ours.


* The Cartwright genealogies shows only Wahinekipi as the child of Peke Davis, which is contrary to research.


*Pauahi/Bernice Pauahi had a documented hanai/adopted son, and our families descend from him.  


* Bernice Pauahi/Pauahi was Not the last of the Kamehameha’s.


*Sanford B. Dole wrote an article saying that Bernice Pauahi was the last of the Kamehameha’s.


* The Judges declared that the rules that they made became laws.  This is documented as treasonous activities.


*  Bernice Pauahi Bishop’s next of kin documented in Probate was Kalola, another ancestor of ours.


* Kalola’s grandson Ioela married Kapooloku/Kapoolohu/Princess Poomaikelani and had my Paternal great grandmother named Haili/Kaili/Kalama.  She married Kaluakini.


* Kalola’s grandson Ioela/JW Kauwahi married Keaka /Keaka Kaholoaunui whose names appeared in Bernice Pauahi’s Will.  Keaka/Keaka Kaholoaunui is my maternal ancestor.  

In other words, both are my ancestors.


*Lots of Frauds, Defrauding issues, identity thefts, Piracy, Privateer Issues, Genocide, Premeditation Evidence discovered and posted all over the internet, in articles, pamphlets, and books.


*  Queen Liliuokalani destroyed the Constitution which returned the Hawaiian Kingdom to a Constitutional Monarchy.


*  The Constitution filed by attorneys Kinney, et. als. was filed in Congress with a statement that it was a “purported” Constitution.


*  The Court of Claims heard Queen Liliuokalani’s case and the presiding Judge was a Booth who declared that the Crown Lands did not belong to the Queen, et. als.


Note:  The Booth’s, ancestors of  Obama, the Pfluegers, et. als. are problematic in the Hawaiian Islands.  The descendants also operate the Bank of Hawaii, criminally claim Queen Liliuokalani’s Trust, etc.  


The Bank of Hawaii is one of the largest banks in the U.S. operating on criminal, Piracy(ies), Racketeering, Privateer issues.


There was a John Booth who went missing during U.S. President Lincoln’s assassination and his widow was Wahinealoha who married hanai /adopted son of David Keawe, a relative of ours.

Research incomplete.


*George Macy, one of the owners of Macy Stores, and investments made by the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Estates/KSBE/Kamehameha Schools Bishop Estates with investments in Goldman and Sachs Wallstreet Bankers claimed our Kamehameha descendant families.  The dates are highly questionable.

George Macy assisted in dethroning Queen Liliuokalani and became the first U.S. Internal Revenue Service Head in the Hawaiian Islands, wrongfully, criminally taxing the people.

Research incomplete.  


* Prince Kuhio and Kalanianaole tried to declare Queen Liliuokalani incompetent in Court.


*Prince Kuhio and Kalanianaole did file Queen Kapiolani’s deed which was contrary to her instructions.  


*Queen Kapiolani publicly opposed her nephews and took them to court saying that they were to file the deed After she died.


*Queen Kapiolani was the sister of Princess Poomaikelani, my great great great grandmother.


* Queen Kapiolani was also hanai/adopted daughter of Kaluakini/Luakini the son in law of Princess Poomaikelani.


* Queen Kapiolani became the hanai sister of my paternal grandmother.


*  Queen Kapiolani was the administrator of Princess Poomaikelani my paternal great great great grandmother.


* Queen Liliuokalani denied that she signed a Trust Deed with Samuel Damon, et. als.


*Queen Liliuokalani documented in her Will that she did not sign a Trust Deed with Samuel Damon, et. als.  She left it up to Colburn to make corrections.


*Colburn agreed with Prince Kuhio to not pursue Queen Liliuokalani’s request after she died.


*  Prince Kuhio took an out of court settlement to the claims of Queen Liliuokalani and he accepted a home in Waikiki in trade off.



2011 – Tane Inciong:

Reasons Why We Are Not Part of the United States of America…

Using their own U.S. and fake-State of Hawaii constitutions and laws and their Apology Bill, we can see where they “shoot themselves in their feet”. Add to that the much discounted and over-looked Ku’e Petitions against annexation (Sept. 1897) whereby approximately 96% of the bona fide subjects of the Kingdom of Hawai’i responded against it which can be considered a plebiscite of its citizens. This Ku’e Petitions answers the Turpie Resolution of 31 May 1894.
The fact that U.S. Secretary James L. Blaine’s advice, supported later by then U.S. President Benjamin Harrison and others within the U.S. government and community, was to destabilize the Kingdom of Hawaii without setting international precedent culminated in 1887 and conspired to overthrow and take control of the Kingdom of Hawaii for the purpose of annexing its territory to the United States of America for dominance within the Pacific Ocean for its Imperialism and Expansionism. This led to the active invasion and belligerent occupation unlawfully executed in 1893 by settting up a puppet “Provisional Government”/Republic of Hawai’i.

After the Treaty of Annexation was twice rejected, first withdrawn by newly-elected President Cleveland from U.S.. Congress and Executive Agreement established; then another treaty that was rejected by U.S. Congress, The Presidential-successor, McKinley allowed Congress to internally create the unlawful Newlands Resolution to annex Hawaii on 12 August 1898. This blatantly ignored the Presidential Agreement and the contested Ku’e Petitions of September 1897 and continued setting precedence in the international arena and double-standard justice. 

It is noteworthy to review the Organic Act of 30 April 1900:

Section 4. Citizenship. That all persons who were citizens of the Republic of Hawaii on August 12 , 1898 are hereby declared (!) to be citizens of the U.S. and citizens of the Territory of Hawai’i. -U.S. citizens that reside in Territory of Hawaii for one year on or since 12 August 1898 shall be citizens of the Territory of Hawaii. (This secured U.S. citizens who came to tip the population count for U.S. control to remain as permanent residence without losing their nationality and freedom to travel between the U.S. and Hawaii without a passport. The Ku’e Petitions of 1897 confirms that the bona fide subjects of the Kingdom of Hawaii did not support the Republic of Hawaii and therefore not citizens of the ipso facto government.) 

– Chinese Ban was applied.
– Puerto Rican did not lose political status by removing to Hawaii in 1901 but became U.S. citizens, hence, entitled to vote in Hawaii.
-24 March 1934 – Filipino placed on quota basis as aliens. Specifically inapplicable in Hawaii and immigration is determined by the Department of the Interior on basis of industrial needs. Filipino national in Hawaii became alien by proclamation of Philippine Independence.
– A person born in the Kingdom of Hawaii of British parents domiciled there was held to be a citizen of the Republic of Hawaii although he was registered at birth at the British consulate and had never renounced allegiance to the British Crown nor sworn allegiance to the Hawaiian government. (you can see U.S. preference for caucasians.)

The Admission Act (18 March 1959):

Section 19. Nothing contained in this Act shall operate to confer United States nationality nor to terminate nationality heretofore lawfully acquired, or restore nationality heretofore lost under any law of the (U.S.) or under any treaty to which the (U.S.) is or was a party. 

(Since we were never lawfully citizens of the Republic of Hawaii as deemed by the Ku’e Petitions, U.S. belligerent occupation and never relinquished our rights as Hawaiian subjects, the U.S. breaches of the treaties, the U.S. violation of the law of occupation, law of neutrality, violations of the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment , the Constitution and Laws of the Kingdom of Hawaii, and the treaties between both countries; we are still Hawaiian subjects of the Kingdom of Hawaii.) 

A Hawaii patriot, 





1993 – Admission of some of the criminal acts were made and signed into law by U.S. President William Clinton as P.L. 103-150.

International Attorneys documented the wrongs:

1. Dr. Boyle

The United States of America is “…admitting that the invasion, overthrow, occupation, annexation, starting in 1893, on up, violated all the treaties, violated basic norms of international law, and the United States Constitution… the overthrow of a lawful government… Under international law when you have a violation of treaties of this magnitude, the World Court has ruled that the only appropriate remedy is restitution.”

“…now the United States government, after one hundred years, has finally and officially conceded, as a matter of United States law, that Native Hawaiian people have the right to restore the Independent Nation State that you had in 1893 when the United States government came and destroyed it. And also then that as a matter of international law the Native Hawaiian people have the right to go out now and certainly proclaim the restoration of that State… this resolution clears up all these matters… You don’t need to petition Congress to do it. Congress has given you everything you need right here to do it, if that’s what you want to do. The United Nations Charter provides the rest of the authority to do it.”

“Congress is effectively conceding now that the (1959 statehood) vote is meaningless, as a matter of international law and United States domestic law. So you’re not bound by it. Rather I’m suggesting you’re now free to determine your own fate pursuant to the principal of self-determination.”

“The State of Hawai’i, the federal government, are… the civilian arms of the military occupation authority, and… do not have sovereign powers. The sovereignty resides in the people.”

“Who’s land is it? Well, from what Congress seems to be saying, it’s the land of the Native Hawaiians. The Native Hawaiian people still have sovereignty… You can’t trespass on your own land. The trespassers then become the State of Hawai’i, and the land developers, and the golf courses, and the resorts. You are simply the Native Hawaiians asserting your rights under international law… this reversal of positions, between who is the criminal and who is the victim, who is asserting their rights and who is violating their rights, has been effectively conceded by Congress.”

“… these are official findings of fact and law, by the Congress of the United States. These findings bind all state and federal courts here in Hawai’i.”

“As a litigator before the International Court of Justice, I would be able to take this law to the World Court, and say, ‘The United States government has now officially conceded that it illegally invaded and occupied the Kingdom of Hawai’i, and for this reason the native people of Hawai’i would be entitled to a restoration of their independent status as a sovereign nation state.'”

“I could not predict how long this would take, what would be the consequences, how many states will recognize you, but I take it that the plight of the Hawaiian people is generally well known in the world, and there’s a great deal sympathy …it might be that you would be able to obtain recognition quickly. And especially if you pursue this process in accordance with principals of peaceful, non-violent struggle. And I submit that’s the most effective technique you have today… Gandhi threw the mighty British Empire out of India without using force. People power, what we call it today. And I submit that the Native Hawaiian people would be able to do the same thing, moving in this direction and adopting the techniques of peaceful, non-violent action, which is what Gandhi called for.”

“I would certainly caution you against trying to seek the same type of treatment that the federal government has doled out to the Native Americans. Moreover, on the basis of this statute, you’re entitled to a lot more…”

“…an Independent Sovereign Nation State is one way a people who are threatened with extermination by means of genocide can attempt to protect themselves… What is the best way to protect the existence of your people, as a people? …to proclaim your own State, and then ultimately seek international recognition and finally UN membership…”

“…it’s your future and that of your children and your children’s children that is at stake.”

What are the Criteria … How can it be done?

“First, a fixed territory, and clearly we have the Hawaiian Archipelago… Who’s land is it? Well, from what congress seems to be saying, it’s the land of the Native Hawaiians. The Native Hawaiian people still have sovereignty. The sovereignty inheres in you. And now it is for you to decide what to do with this sovereignty… the title to the land rested and still rests, under international law, with the Native Hawaiian people.”

“Second, a population, a distinguishable population of people, the Native Hawaiians, those who would trace their ancestry back before the appearance of Europeans on these lands… Certainly the Hawaiian state could take the position that you’ll set up a procedure to provide citizenship to all people who are habitual residents of the new State of Hawaii as of a certain date… on a level of equality with everyone else.”

“Third, a government, and here you have … the Kupuna (Elders) Council, that you’ve traditionally had. You don’t need a government along the lines of the federal government of the United States or the State of Hawai’i to have a government. Rather what you need is a way to organize your people to govern your relations among each other, and clearly you have that.”

International Relations
“And fourth, the capacity to enter into international relations, to deal with other states, and to keep your commitments. As I understand it, there are already states in the Western Pacific region that support the Native Hawaiian people and probably would be prepared to give you diplomatic recognition as an independent state… You would probably obtain recognition in that capacity from a fairly large number of states.”


See Full text of Boyle’s testimony

2. Dr. Matthew Craven

1998 – In Williamson B. C. Chang’s brief in Civ. No. 98-0559-02 (Condemnation) dated July 29, 1998 on page 2 with Affidavit:
” Hawaii and the United States were separate and independent nations prior to July 7 , 1898. This Court may take judicial notice of that fact. No act of Congress, no Act of the Congress of the United States, no act of any Congress in the world can, without more, result in the incorporation of the territory of another nation.” 1
1 See Exchange of remarks, Senators Allen and Stewart, 55th Cong. 2 d Session. 31 Cong. Rec. 6369 (Senator Stewart taking the position that the resolution was mere “puffing,” in that the United States can “annex the world” if Congress so chose.) No nation has that power and not nation ever will have that power. Equally true, no nation can suffer the loss of its lands by ” joint resolution .” It is not simply an illegal act – it is an impossible act. See Statement of Senator Foraker admitting Joint Resolution cannot annex Hawaii. 55th Cong. 2d Sess. 31 Cong. Rec. 6585.
Page 5: “No one claimed that Congress had power beyond the boundaries of the United States”.
The following is regarding “The legislative history is more than clear: Congress deliberately sought to deny the Courts of the State of hawaii in rem jurisdiction.”3 ” Public Law 86-3 is the sole basis by which this Court derives its very existence, let alone its powers.”
“3 Leaders of both the Republic of Hawaii and the United States were well aware of this fact. See Correspondence of Sanford Dole, President of Hawaii to A. Hartwell, dated November 15 , 1899 from the State Archives of Hawaii (“A reference to the joint resolution of annexation and …


*Gold Bullions, Gold coins stolen/missing and must be returned.

* Gold Coins, jewelry, valuables removed from Kawaiahao Church cemetery and must be returned.

*  Land owners exists,  the Kamehameha Schools/Bernice Pauahi Bishop Estates, other Alii Estates are being operated by treasonous, conspirators, pirates, privateers, Masons, Freemasons, etc.



Amelia Gora, a Royal person, member of the House of Nobles, Acting Liaison of Foreign Affairs with three (3) forms of immunities and inherited sovereignty


Note:  Rents, Leases, etc. due … As a result of this document, I would no longer be eligible for some of the benefits from the entity State of Hawaii, etc.   


We look forward to a meeting with your Representative, et. als. because we are the true owners of the Crown Lands, wrongfully claimed “ceded lands”, Private Property owners that criminal Kamehameha Schools/KSBE/Kamehameha Schools Bishop Estates, and other Alii Estates claim, etc.


My contact e-mail:

mail through the Post office of which our Treaties are in place with:


P.O. Box 861781

Wahiawa, Oahu, Hawaiian Islands  96786


References:  PIRATES OF THE PACIFIC:  Charles Reed Bishop and Friends, other books by Amelia Gora

see also





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