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Queen Emma affecting the Queen’s Hospital in Hawaii: The Truth

December 20, 2015



Research Shows Queen Emma was the Daughter of ……and She Claimed to be the Successor of King William Charles Lunalilo

posted by Amelia Gora (2015)


On October 29, 2015, Calvin Santos and I tried to track down various Trusts affecting John Young’s, Isaac Davis including His descendants/heirs Hueu Davis, Kale Davis, Peke Davis lands, assets, trusts whose mother was Grace Kamaikui.
As it turns out, the Queen Emma’s Trust/Foundation, etc. a Sovereign Trust has been infiltrated by foreigners, racketeers, pirates, pillagers, genocide activists, corporations who are NOT related to our Royal Families.




Alexander Liholiho/Kamehameha IV and his wife Emma signed the Articles of Incorporation for Queen’s Hospital.  Alexander Liholiho/Kamehameha IV was the Permanent head/CEO of the Hospital in 1859.

This is the researched background of Emma/Queen Emma:

And the following shows that Queen Emma claimed that King Lunalilo designated her to be his Successor:

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The evidence found in the Kahn Collection changes the claims below as shown in the Legal Notice pertaining to Queen’s Hospital Trust which turned to the Queen Emma’s Land Company by deceitful  corporations, infiltrators in the Royal Families lands, funds, etc.  see:…

Summary of October 29, 2015 Meeting, also posted as a Legal Notice in the IOLANI – The Royal Hawk also Hawaiian Kingdom Records No. 2015-1030 – Queen’s Hospital, etc, Matters/Concerns from Amelia Gora, a Royal person, heir, House of Nobles member, Acting Liaison of Foreign Affairs


“Emma was the daughter of Fanny Kekela and Naea.  Fanny Kekela was the sister of Grace Kamaikui.  Their parents were John Young and Kaonaeha/Kuamoo.”

“Emma was adopted by Dr. T.C.B. Rooke who didn’t have children.  Grace Kamaikui was married to Dr. TCB Rooke.  He was her second marriage.  Her first marriage was to Isaac Davis who died in 1810.”

With this new information entered, Emma being the true daughter of R.C. Wyllie,

The Honourable
Robert Crichton Wyllie
Robert Crichton Wyllie.jpg
Minister of Foreign Affairs
In office
March 26, 1845 – October 19, 1865
Monarch Kamehameha III
Kamehameha IV
Kamehameha V
Preceded by Gerrit P. Judd
Succeeded by Charles de Varigny
Personal details
Born October 13, 1798
DunlopScotlandKingdom of Great Britain
Died October 19, 1865 (aged 67)
HonoluluOahuKingdom of Hawaii
Resting place Mauna ʻAla Royal Mausoleum[1]
Nationality Kingdom of Hawaii
United Kingdom
Kingdom of Great Britain
Residence Rosebank, Nuanuu Valley
Occupation Physician, Businessman, Politician
Religion Anglicanism



*  This means that R.C. Wyllie was with Fanny Kekela, daughter of John Young and fathered Emma.

Robert Crighton Wyllie  was the Minister of Foreign Affairs under Kamehameha IV.  He was a Physician who succeeded Genocide Activist Doctor Gerrit Parmele Judd.

Dr. Thomas C.B. Rooke alone adopted Emma.

Dr. Thomas C.B. Rooke was the second husband of Emma’s Aunty Grace Kamaikui.

Grace Kamaikui was the widow of Isaac Davis and had three (3) children:  Hueu Davis, Kale Davis, and Peke Davis.

Grace Kamaikui specified that in the event Emma did not have children, her lands would go to her family, NOT Dr. Thomas C. B. Rooke who died BEFORE she died.

Dr, Thomas C.B. Rooke died in 1858.

Queen Emma and Kamehameha IV’s son Albert Kamehameha died in 1862.

Kamehameha IV – Alexander Liholiho died in 1863.

Grace Kamaikui died in 1866.

King William Lunalilo, a Kamehameha descendant and whose mother was the widow of   Kamehameha, Kamehameha II – Liholiho, and David Kamehameha,  died in 1874. His father was David Kamehameha, and step father Charles Kanaina:

Lunalilo (PP-98-15-018).jpg

Photograph of Lunalilo by Menzies Dickson
King of the Hawaiian Islands (more…)
Reign January 8, 1873 – February 3, 1874
Investiture January 9, 1873
Kawaiahaʻo Church
Predecessor Kamehameha V
Successor Kalākaua
Born January 31, 1835
Died February 3, 1874 (aged 39)
Haimoeipo, HonoluluOahu
Burial February 28, 1874[1][2]
Royal Mausoleum at Mauna ʻAla (temporary)
November 23, 1875[3]
Lunalilo Mausoleum,Kawaiahaʻo Church
Full name
William Charles Lunalilo
House Keōua Nui / Kamehameha
Father Charles Kanaina
Mother Kekāuluohi
Religion Church of Hawaii (Church of England/Anglican)[citation needed


Queen Emma claimed that she was named successor.

Pirates of the Pacific Charles Reed Bishop and Friends nominated David Kalakaua in a Public Meeting held in the Kawaiahao Church.

Charles Reed Bishop obtained the assistance of the American Military, and the British to keep order and prevent Queen Emma’s supporters from rioting.

Contrary to the Will of Grace Kamaikui, Queen Emma’s wishes were pursued.

After the wrongful dethronement of Queen Liliuokalani in 1893, Pirates, racketeers, pillagers moved towards assuming the assets, lands of the Royal Families etc.

Dr. T.C.B. Rooke’s nephew came into the Hawaiian Islands and made claims for the Queen’s Hospital, etc., contrary to the Rules of Law.

Dr. Gerritt Parmele Judd was an adminstrator of Kaaukai, et. als. and managed to assume the private property, alodio lands of our Royal Families and assumed it for the Hospital building.

A permanent Corporation with Kamehameha IV – Alexander Liholiho was criminally assumed by foreigners under Dr. TCB Rooke’s nephew, Dr. Gerritt Parmele Judd, and a Corporation entity calling themselves Queen Emma’s Land Company has been legally dispossessed according to the Article XIV of the 1849/1850 Treaty of the Hawaiian Kingdom and the United States of America.

The Queen’s Hospital is under a reorganization and criminal charges are recorded for the Kingdom of Hawaii/ Hawaiian Kingdom records, etc.

Issues ongoing.



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